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Custom Plus (Blackout)


Say 'Hello' to the Pagani of gun belts! Two layers of premium 6-7oz. American cowhide are laminated to a non-metallic, non-polymeric material to create an uncrushable and classy carry platform. Add this to the in-house dip-dying process, and you're left with a truly one-of-a-kind, performance-centered workhorse. The edges of the Custom Plus are trued, handsanded, and finally buffed, to create a mirror-like, glassy finish. These gun belts are carefully clear-coated to form a bleed-proof barrier. You can rest assured that every aspect of this gun belt was scrutinized to perfection, with the ultimate goal of utmost dependability. The Custom Plus has 222 (Purple) Loctite applied to the Chicago screws. Any aspect of the Custom Plus line may be altered/customized per your design preferences. Please be aware that customization(s) may (or may not) add to the cost of your gun belt. Please allow 5-7 business days for your Custom Plus to be hand-crafted to perfection.

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