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Premium Bible Case (Black, no pockets)


Well folks, I've searched far and wide and simply couldn't find a quality, leather bible case; so, I decided to create some. Sure there are bible 'covers,' but not a fully-enclosed, water-resistant actual CASE. What you're looking at is my answer to this apparent hole in the market. My cases are fully-enclosed and constructed of the highest-quality materials I could get my hands on. The body of the case is two layers of premium-grade French calfskin, held together with strategically-placed stitching, industrial-strength (U.S. produced) adhesive, and U.S. - made REAL YKK-brand zippers. Currently available in multiple configurations, three different colors, and with your choice of a solid brass or solid aluminum-tooth can also have one of these cases custom-made to fit YOUR specific bible; just select "custom size" from the drop-down menu and follow the prompts. Each and every case is hand-crafted, to order, in the Custer Custom Leather shop in Columbia, Kentucky, by Titus Custer. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in's my pleasure to assist in any way I can.

What is the Height, Width, and thickness of your bible (in inches?)

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