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Warrior Lite Belt

Warrior Lite Belt

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Our Warrior Lite model is best suited for your office uses. This is our dressiest belt with 1 1/4" width and nickel hardware. The leather is a professional glossy finish and completely bleed-proof. 


-The Warrior Lite is a 1 1/4" wide rendition of the Warrior model.

-Nearly crush-proof, unfailing, solid platform

-The edges are slicked to a glassy-smooth finish

-Chicago screws on the Warrior line are secured with 222 (Purple) Loctite.


HOW TO DETERMINE SIZE: DO NOT ORDER BASED ON PANTS SIZE. You can measure your waist with a cloth tape measure; or, lay an old belt on a flat surface, and measure from where the material bends around the buckle to the hole you use most. Order based on this number, for odd measurements, move up to the next even number. 

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