The Team

-Family Owned and Operated-


We are Custer Custom Leather. Our family business is comprised of Titus and Kennedy- Titus is the craftsman who has been developing the brand since 2015, and Kennedy was married into the business, and now manages shipping, most customer care, and website development. Our passion for quality and satisfying customers is the driving force behind what we do. 

Why should handmade leather goods break the bank? Answer... They shouldn't! We've come up with unique, efficient crafting methods motivated by the question "What would I want to pay for this?" that makes everything we do as affordable as possible. 

Every leather hide and piece of hardware is carefully sourced to uphold our reputation for reliable performance. We personally test every product to prove their mettle. 

We are always trying to innovate and deliver new products sought for by our customers throughout the year. Stay tuned in for the latest at Custer Custom Leather, and follow us on Facebook, Instagram. YouTube, and X (formerly Twitter).


The Crafter


Behind-the-Scenes Assistant