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Custer Custom Leather

Combo Carry Sheaths

Combo Carry Sheaths

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Are you ready to be blown away? We've been developing this new design of sheaths for a while now! The unique style isn't just for looks...these sheaths can be worn vertically or horizontally! The tough 6/7oz. leather will stand up to whatever rigors you may throw at it! Both the standard belt loop and the horizontal loops are sized to accommodate a 1.5" belt. Whether you're hunting, fishing, hiking, or just running errands, this sheath will get the job done. Pick yours out today and start carrying your blade in style! 


-Available in three sizes and colors!

- Heavy duty 6/7 oz. leather

- 1.5 inch belt loop

-Stitched in gusset 

-Can be worn vertically or horizontally!

Sizes: Large- 7 1/4"X2 1/4"   Medium- 5 3/4"X1 3/4"   Small- 4 1/4"X 1 1/4"

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